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Clear analytics for sales and service management,
simple entries for sales and technical representatives.

Clear analytics for sales and service management,
simple entries for sales and technical representatives.

Clear analytics for sales and service management,
simple entries for sales and technical representatives.

Corpis Maps is a web-based analytics tool for all businesses regardless of size. With this tool, we help sales, service and marketing management to have better visibility and thus improve their results.

Use Corpis Maps analytics to discover your market potential, plan a new campaign, and allow your colleagues to easily create a record of a meeting or service call. And you can analyze everything during the project.


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Analysis of business cases and competitors

  • Do you know where you have the most active customers from specific segments?
  • In which areas do you have the most business opportunities and projects?
  • In which locations do you lose business most often?

There are many questions. Corpis Maps provide the answers in the clearest form. Easily and quickly get to the information you really care about and that will help your business grow.

Business potential map

  • Do you know your market?
  • Do you know where you can get the most partners and customers?
  • Do you want to expand and don’t know where to go?

Corpis Maps presents this key information clearly in an analytical map so that you immediately know which business region has the most growth potential and where to focus on maintaining your current position.

Increase team efficiency

  • Do you have an idea of where your team is most active?
  • Are service calls evenly spread across the region?
  • Are you visiting customers evenly across the region?
Corpis Maps will answer important business strategy questions in a few clicks. A list of completed appointments is a good foundation, but for us it’s just a gateway to the really important information you’ll find in analytics maps.


Interactive business projects

  • Quick campaign setup and evaluation
  • Updates by a salesperson or technician directly in the map immediately after an appointment or service intervention
  • Ability to upload data back into CRM and ERP

Just one map. It is used by both – management and staff on the road. To view clients, to record new information, and even to evaluate the project. This tool is particularly suitable for one-off projects such as campaigns to a new unknown market, acquisition meetings with potential clients, or service calls in a selected region.


Any data source


Corpis Maps analytics is ready to work with your data regardless of its format or where it’s stored.

  • Retrieve data from your information system
  • Direct integration of Corpis Maps into your CRM and ERP

For one-off projects and analyses, you can use convenient import and export of data in CSV format. Very often, however, our clients use the Corpis Maps Connector, which allows you to create a fully automated connection from your CRM or ERP to Corpis Maps. In this way, we can also connect Corpis Maps to multiple sources at the same time. This significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of updating data for analytical maps.

Or we can prepare for you the direct integration of map analytics into your CRM or ERP. This connection is provided by an API on the side of your information system.

Customized projects

For each client we set up a custom map layout, data display method, user filters, custom lists. Access to individual functions – for example, user editing of values – can also be set. These map settings can be easily modified as required.


The security of company data is extremely important, and our top priority is to keep this data absolutely safe. We never tamper with your data or process it in the cloud. We use certified and audited suppliers from Germany and the Netherlands for our services.

Key features

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Custom business regions

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Mobile editing directly on the map

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Analytical filters

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External data support

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Integration with CRM, e-shops...

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100% data security